Wednesday, 19 January 2011

First Prompt for Art Journal

This is the cover of the journal I'll be using for the One Year Art Journal prompts. I wanted it to be colourful and interesting and these images that I have printed onto photo paper can represent anything that may come up, such as the picture of Edgar Allen Poe for depression, the birds for freedom, variety and colour, etc. The first prompt is Starting NOW.
I can't stop working in my art journals, I have three on the go at the moment. I usually put my paints etc away after I've finished an art session, but because I'm enjoying the processes so much, everything stays out on the desk so that it's there ready for whenever I've got a spare moment. It's so therapeutic for me.
This is the first page and my word for this is 'embrace', meaning that I will try to embrace the differences in me. I have always felt different from everyone else and never felt like I fitted in anywhere. Bit of a loner I suppose, but I'm quite happy with my own company, so never really wanted to fit in and certainly never wanted to be thought of as normal. Obstreperous then...awkward! The pictures aren't brilliant, but all the batteries I've got are being charged and so I had to be quick with the last bit of power in the batteries I had.
I had a break from my Avon business over the new year and have found it quite hard to go back to it (would rather stay in the warm, journalling!). But my regular customers surprised me once again and ordered lots of stuff. I don't think they've heard about this recession, bless them!!
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