Sunday, 13 February 2011


Lately, we have been beset by Bad Luck! First, the washing machine broke down and we had to scrap it and buy a new one; the freezer went (mind you, it was ten years old, which is pretty ancient for white goods these days (!); the toaster wouldn't toast, only burn and the cooker wouldn't cook and we had to have it repaired; the car conked out and cost hundreds of pounds to put right. Then there was Luke's accident which scared the living daylights out of me (and still does). A few days ago, K complained of feeling vaguely ill and his leg was aching badly. He eventually went to the doc's (with no small encouragement from me) and it turns out he has Superficial Thrombophlebitis, an infection in one of the veins in his leg (with a clot in it!), so he's had to take to his sickbed and rest it completely for a few days. He has antibiotics and a ton of Ibuprofen to take and ,thank god, is improving already. I have been on nursing duty, making him comfortable, fetching tea, etc. Luckily, I had just made a big pot of Mexican Sausage Surprise Stew (all my cooking has 'surprise' added to the title, it's a surprise if it's edible, which it was) so that has fed him for a couple of meals anyway. Then, last night, we decided to have a takeaway to treat ourselves and I was warming the plates in the microwave when, (yes, you know what's coming next don't you?) there was a smell of burning and some flashing blue lights and that was the end of that!! I didn't sleep too well last night with wondering what was going to go wrong next! So if anyone knows a good spell to repel negativity/bad luck, I'd be very grateful if you would pass it on to me please!! 
PS Thank you to (see right), which I have read this morning and actually Laughed! God, I needed that!!

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