Saturday, 15 January 2011

New Journal

Today is the first prompt for working in my new art journal with The first prompt is 'Starting NOW'. This immediately brings to mind all my past New Year's resolutions that I have broken and I suppose I should be trying to be positive, but I can't think of anything I can do for that...except for wishing that I REALLY don't care about what people think, and do what I want to do, or say!! Trouble is, we all put each other into little boxes in our minds, we make judgements (on meeting people) and are perhaps surprised when we learn more about that person and discover that they don't quite fit into that little box anymore...I know because I do it, even though I try not to!
So maybe my page for the prompt could be to be more open-minded, or to just be myself? I think I've just worked it out!!
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