Wednesday, 17 August 2011

This week I will be mostly...

Here's my spread for 'Fooled' which is week thirteen of the 52 pages group in Wild Precious Studio. I had to catch up with this group and it feels good to be getting back into working in my journals again. I've got seven journals on the go at the moment and I have to be careful sometimes that I do the right prompt in the correct journal. My concentration wanders and it isn't always easy to finish a piece, but I'm hoping that this will improve with time.
I am worried about a family member who's having a really hard time and I'm hoping that the problem they have will be resolved soon. Once again, thanks to the rest of my family for their continuing support, where would I be without you?
On top of that, I'm still waiting to hear whether the house exchange can go through and I have already started packing because the need to leave this house is so strong. There are so many memories here, good mostly, but they still hurt and I desperately want to move.
Yesterday, I had an invitation for a job interview next Thursday which is good news, but stressful also, on top of everything else. Juggling hundreds of balls in the air all at the same time now, can I cope? We'll have to see...thank god for art and WPS for helping to keep me sane!
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