Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Finished the heart for the swap at www.mixedmediaart.ning.com and sent it off to my swap partner, Alix, who has just told me that she received it in Canada today! I'm looking forward to seeing hers now.
Also been busy making a 'blind' for the tiny window in the loo. Have added more strings of shells to it now, so it doesn't look so 'gappy'.
And for the hat-trick...a mixed-media wall-hanging that I have been working on for some months, basically whenever I had time

This wall hanging has printed (on fabric) images of some of my favourite paintings, 'Girl With A Pearl Earring' is the best, in my opinion! A lot of the ribbons are from clothes, you know those annoying bits of fabric that are meant to hold the item of clothing on the hanger, but always seem to find their way out?? Well, I always cut them off 'cos they drive me berserk and one day I started hoarding them, intending to use them somehow, someday, and here they are. (I still have tons more).
I had my counselling session with the lady from Cruse today and suddenly realised why I haven't settled into this flat (not calling it MY flat, or home)! It needs some work doing before I can start decorating. The place is old and has never had much done to it and some of the plaster is 'blown'. I don't know how or why this happens, but plaster sort of bulges out, away from the wall and has to be knocked off and new plaster applied to the bare wall. The builder has just started re-plastering today and still has quite a bit to do. But he is someone I have known for many years, so he has my spare key and can come and go whenever he can fit it in. Then I have to either travel to Cardigan or Carmarthen to buy paint, 'cos there's nowhere in town to buy it, though there is a rumour now that B&Q are coming to Aberystwyth. I hope so, I've missed Focus since it went out of business a while ago. Maybe when that's all done, I will settle into the place, we'll see....
Part of my view includes Castle Point, which is where Kev requested that I scatter his ashes. I'm not anywhere near ready to do that yet, but I find myself gazing out of the window and wondering why he chose that spot? There were other places that meant more to us both I thought. That spot obviously meant more to him than I knew and that's unsettling, but I will do as he requested one day. Just not yet...

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