Friday, 18 May 2012

Art Journals

This is an art journal that I've been working on for months and months. I started by removing some of the pages, so it wouldn't be too fat when I'd used it up. Now, I wish that I'd left those pages in it, 'cos I actually like the fact that I'm already having trouble closing it. I like that it's fat and wonky!

I have been gesso-ing the pages, waiting for them to dry (great if the weather was good, I could put them on the table outside), then painting them with acrylics, gouache and water-colour pencils. I made a little paper tab for almost every page and like that it looks messy and colourful. I've still got lots of pages to prepare and am looking forward to the day when I can actually start working in it. It is one of many journals that I have begun, am currently preparing or have finished.
It's the only thing that I can get absorbed in just now and it acts as a distraction technique or process. I love it. It makes me feel content.

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