Wednesday, 30 May 2012

I recently found a blog where the owner has been producing guided journal pages for anyone to print off. I have been merrily printing away until just now, when my printer has run out of ink. I don't have a penny piece to my name to buy some more, until the 'powers that be', the DSS or whatever they call themselves these days, deign to give me something to live on. I have been waiting three weeks with no money at all coming in and if it hadn't been for my family, I'd be in big trouble, seriously.
Anyway, I digress. Here's the link for the lovely lady who has provided these pages, take a look...if you're experiencing a mental-art-block like me, they might well help you get going again.
She deserves a medal!

Almost finished preparing the altered book, above. I'll show it on here when it's fully prepped and ready for me to work in.

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