Saturday, 15 September 2012

Have had a few very busy days and also got some art done. I have never understood why, if I am busy, I get loads of other things done too; yet if I have a slow day, I lounge about, being thoroughly bored and get nothing done at all.

So, my doll for the Mixed Media swap is coming on very well, though she is so ugly! I am also working on a mannequin that I'm altering. I've removed the partially disintegrated faded red foam covering and have given her one coat of tissue paper, plastered on with pva glue.

I will be covering the wheels (used for adjusting the size). I have always used her for storing/displaying my jewellery, and I would like to continue to do so, I just need to work out how I can attach the jewellery to her. I bought her a few years ago, from a charity shop for £5.00, which was reasonable, even cheap for a mannequin these days, but she is plastic and hollow, so not as sought after perhaps, as some of the more solid ones are.

I had my appointment on Thursday with the company who are going to assist me in finding permanent work, taking my disabilities into account. It all sounded very positive and I have a little hope for the future at last.
I know Kevin wouldn't want me to continue like this as long as I have, but I suppose that I had to be ready to take a step forward, which is what I want to do now and also to make him proud of me.
I have even put my name forward for some volunteering. I've expressed an interest in a few different areas, so we'll have to see what comes up first. I hope I have enough confidence to go ahead with it.
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