Monday, 1 April 2013

Out and About

Just back from a short walk with the dog. We can't go so far these days, as he's 13 years old now and tends to limp if we go on a long walk, so the river (River Rheidol) path near the house is just perfect. Far enough for his little legs, but not too far.
Hardly anyone about, but then it is Easter Monday, so maybe they're all at home, finishing off their Easter eggs, though there were quite a few of them at Morrison's shopping I noticed.
The path is a relatively new one, recently cleared, with work still in progress by the look of it.

We took our time and had the path to ourselves. Some nice textures and patterns on these tree trunks and little shoots peeping through the ground here and there too. We even saw some snowdrops, a favourite of mine.
Then home to charge the camera. I don't know how to use it properly yet, but it was donated by lovely son # 1. It's a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ8 with no manual, so I'd better get downloading a manual pretty quickly.
Here's little Tom Jones, posing...
...and sniffing about. I think he likes this walk.

Lots of rubbish lying about , though I noticed that some of it had been picked up. I wish there were some bins around the paths. And to my extreme annoyance, dog-poo! Why can't people pick up after their dogs? And even worse, why do they pick it up in a dog-poo bag and then LEAVE IT THERE???
So bloody annoying. 
We went home and soon after, # 2 son called, with his gf and my gorgeous grandson. That made my day.

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