Sunday, 9 January 2011

Why Journal?

I have had blogs/journals before. For one reason or another, I get fed up after a while, but instead of just not bothering with it for a while, I delete it and then start again when I am once again in the mood! Now I know that it (and the art journals that I work in) are therapeutic tools which actually help me to control my depression and anxiety. I came across this site today and here is proof that this lark really does work!
"The benefits of journaling have been scientifically proven to:
  • Improve physical health and mental well-being
  • Diminish symptoms of depression, anxiety, panic, substance abuse, PTSD, asthma, arthritis and many other health conditions and disorders
  • Improve cognitive functioning
  • Make therapy more effective
  • Strengthen the immune system, preventing a host of illnesses
  • Counteract many of the negative effects of stress
  • Finally, journaling is for everyone. It just 'feels good' to write."
Well, I knew I was doing something good all these years, but now I have the proof! And frankly, I don't care where the 'science' part of it comes from, or proven by who...I'm just glad to know that I'm doing something that benefits me, I knew it felt good!!! Read more about it by following the link and there's another link to the site in Interesting Places on the right, which takes you straight to the article.
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