Thursday, 6 October 2011

Haven't been near the blog for a while because I had a break and then started packing as we are moving house on Saturday. I used to live in this place years ago and we only left because we wanted a garden...seemed a good enough reason at the time. But now we (just youngest wonderful son and I), are going back. I have been lucky enough to find someone who wanted to 'swap', and they have a ground floor flat, so no more stairs thank god, my knees are getting old!!

Had to pop to the doc's this week as I've been unable to sleep and can't stop all the stuff in my head from spinning around. She (the GP) said I am going through some of the most stressful things that can happen; a bereavement, moving house and a new job coming up soon. I also had a holiday in the middle somewhere and that brings it's own stresses too, though I did have a break and a rest. So she prescribed some sleeping tablets for a few nights, to allow me to catch up on my sleep ready for the busy weekend. Took the first one last night and still couldn't get off to sleep for quite some time. But it eventually kicked in thank god, so that I even felt slightly human today. Hope tomorrow is even better!

 Wish I was back in Palma at 'Fishy Feet' having this treatment with the crazy Garra Rufa fish again, but have found out that there are TWO of these places opening in my home town this week, so I will pop along there soon.
Nice thoughts of sitting here, drinking coffee in the shade of large umbrellas. Nowhere in particular to go, nothing much to do. I could quite happily live like that!
And here, above is Palma Cathedral which was beautiful inside, though very dusty! Thank goodness for the cool gardens we sat in afterwards...

Most of the house is packed now, and ready to go. Wish me luck!!!
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