Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I know how important it is to me to work in my art journal/s as often as I possibly can, so I'm trying to follow Art Journal Every to give me some ideas to get me shifted. 
Yesterday was a bad day, but I did manage to do a spread...
It's synonymous with how I was feeling yesterday. End of.

On another (equally depressing note), I have developed a nasty abscess under one arm. I've never had one of these before, though my poor sister gets them now and again. I mistakenly watched a YouTube video on the subject (why, oh why did I DO that?), it was so disgusting, but I just wanted to see if it looked anything like mine......!
It appeared as if by some awful kind of magic, within an hour. It wasn't there, then it was, or maybe I really didn't notice considering the hellish time I've been having recently. I took myself to my GP yesterday and she poked and prodded it and gave me some Flucloxacillin, which I started straight away. I also felt vaguely 'fluey' and very tired. 
I Googled it today and most sites I visited said the same thing....that these things never really go away, and recur frequently (great, thanks). 
They are difficult to get rid of and the best treatment is lancing and draining (oh shit).
Today, it hurts like hell and I am feeling suitably sorry for myself. I did some more Googling, and someone suggested warm poultices, which I am going to try later. I still feel lousy (the kicked ten times by a large horse kinda lousy), so I think the best thing is an early night. I've got my first appointment at the nuthouse tomorrow anyway. Will no doubt have to go through my whole sorry story all over again. Isn't life fun?
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