Friday, 6 July 2012

I am a Leo, where is my roar??

                                                        above by Susan Seddon Boulet

Still looking for answers, improvements to my scummy life, such as it is.
Decided to have a go at 'The Artist's Way' workbook by Julia Cameron. Seems that my imagination has completely left me, so I need to follow commands or prompts and this at least gives me something with which to while away the hours, waiting for these meds to be sorted out. I am strangely enough, feeling better since I reduced the Prozac. Was it having an adverse effect on me then? I know that one of the side effects is that it makes you feel more anxious (especially when you first start taking it).
This has made me wonder whether I wouldn't be better off without the flimmin' things. I wouldn't just stop taking them, but I do wonder. Would like to have a chat with the doc about that.

Appt at nuthouse was brief and I did not feel supported, just another nutter on the conveyor-belt of slight lunacy. Meds were discussed, change of meds discussed, new prescription handed out and "see you in six weeks". Yeh, ta very much, no help at all. Could have sorted that one myself. I'm a bit fragile around the edges, not a complete loony.
Can't believe the rainfall that we've had again today. People are once again in danger of being flooded out and whilst I'm grateful that I live on an elevated piece of rock, I do feel for those lower down.
No art to show today, but I have been working steadily on preparing yet more books for Art Journaling purposes, by gesso-ing and then painting pages.
Got quite a few books ready now and no inclination to fill them whatsoever! 
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