Sunday, 24 March 2013

Employment Awaits...

Here's a picture of a cafe in Venice, which is a place I would like to visit one day. Having no job and no hope of one was so depressing, thinking that I could never realise any of my dreams, but on Friday afternoon, I had a phone call to say that I have got a job at last!
I don't think it's sunk in properly yet and of course, it's subject to my references being ok, etc. But I HAVE A JOB!! 
I am going to save up firstly to go on a cheap sunshiney break, probably in Spain. I need sunshine and relaxation! Then I'll start my little nest-egg for that special holiday. I said I'd do it eventually (Kev) and now I can look to the future a lot more.

Also, here's the piece that I made for Cindy in the USA. It was a challenge on
I really enjoyed doing this, though it was fiddly to do. I'm looking forward to getting the one she's made for me now.

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