Thursday, 21 March 2013

Interview Day

Recently had a group interview at Pets@Home. Was a bit weird to say the least! I knew it was all going to go down the pan when I was given a sticky label for a name badge and told to go and sit down on a dog bed. And it just became stranger and stranger...
Didn't get that job and I'm quite glad in a way, considering that (as per last post), I suddenly remembered that I don't like things that scurry about, like mice and hamsters. How could I not remember that until after the interview??

My next foray into the world of interviews was at our local hospital. I was asked about previous jobs and I know that my cv isn't exactly wonderful and that there are GAPS.  These are a BAD THING.

My gaps were because I had two boys who I brought up (mostly) alone and then because I had an old-fashioned husband who wanted me to be at home (I didn't argue about it for quite a while!).
So, downhill we went again, nervousness not allowing me to explain it properly.

Tonight, I heard from a friend that there may be a hotel job available. Chambermaid-ing that is. Well I've done it before and after being out of work for almost a year, I would shovel s+++ for money, the way I feel right now. So hold the post, I may be actually earning some money soon, not 'scrounging' it from tax payers as the press like to tell us these days....
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