Sunday, 28 April 2013

Slow Sunday

Had a very lazy morning as I didn't have any plans for the day. Spent the morning in my jammies, looking at Unesco sites around the world. Now I want to go on hols to Pompei. It'll change tomorrow, there's just too much choice!
Decided I was being far too lazy, so got dressed and took the dog out for a toddle down the path.

 This is the Rheidol river, which runs through the valley where I live.

 Dog is saying, "Throw a stone, throw it, throw it".

Now he's soaked and it's raining, but he doesn't mind, he's just glad to be out.
Walked much further than I originally intended and took lots of photos, as usual.

Then, round the bottom of the field and back towards the road. There wasn't a soul on the path. Called into Morrison's on the way to pick up something healthy for dinner. That's why there was no-one else about, they were all in there shopping!
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