Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Quiet Life

Mum bought a shed for the garden recently. We'd been looking around for a while but they were so ridiculously expensive. We happened to come across this one at B&Q whilst looking at paving stones, so she bought it there and then and it was delivered within the week.
Here's Lovely Son # 1 fixing it together and a good job he did too.

Mum was the supervisor, of course...
It's finished now, but I can't seem to find that photo! Anyway it looks nice and fits the spot perfectly.

I have just been catching up on some blogs that I used to follow and read the awful news that Gretel of www.allaroundus.blogspot.co.uk has lost her partner of many years. She talks about the lovely service they had and how she is trying to cope. I was reading it in tears, it brought back so many memories of my loss. Take heart Gretel, sending you love and hugs. Try to stay strong.

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