Sunday, 6 October 2013

Intrigued by an artist I found on Pinterest - Alex Votsmush. His paintings are quite amazing, he works in watercolours because as he says, he likes the way they flow. I couldn't find much information on him, but did eventually find what I think is his livejournal page
He is a prolific artist it seems, I found an awful lot of images of his work. Check it out, I think they are pretty amazing.

I've been doing some image transfers lately. Sometimes they don't turn out too well, but here's one (which is not finished yet) that I'm working on today.
I love doing these and (depending on how they transfer) am able to change the look of the transfer using paints and my favourite medium at the moment, watercolour pencils. I will probably switch to acrylics when I can afford to buy some (roll on payday) as I've run out of them at the moment. 

Another artist I like is Michal Lukasiewicz,
I love his quite ethereal faces

So beautiful...
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