Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I have now been waiting three months to start my job in the hospital. Unbelievable!
On a lighter note, I've been seeing a lot of my grandson who makes me laugh (he's the only one who does that - makes me laugh, I mean).
Here he is................
I took him for a walk on the prom last week and we saw a Dalek (as you do).
The University were holding a technical day/thingy.
I'm still volunteering at Barnardo's, still visiting the Shaw Trust every week (thank god for them, they are marvelous), and still being bored the rest of the time. I have now been offered another job (as well as the first one), so I will soon be extremely knackered. I'm saving to go back to Malta and I intend staying at a posh hotel, I deserve it! 

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