Friday, 4 February 2011

Lovely People..

Thank you so much to two lovely people, Rachel and liZZie who sent me nice comments on the last post. Unfortunately, it brought on the waterworks again, but in a good way, if you see what I mean! I just keep saying thank you, thank you, to whoever was watching youngest son's back that horrible evening. I don't believe in God but I keep saying thank you (to whoever/whatever it is 'up there'. I feel really lousy this morning and have been popping pills in order to rid myself of a stinker of a migraine (these have returned with the onset of the menopause), and thankfully, it is fading now. I look like I've been bashed by a frying face is swollen from crying and worrying and a lack of decent sleep, but I'm so, so grateful that he's okay and that's all that matters.
I thought that I would attempt some therapeutic art-journaling, but I opened the book and was beset by visions of cars flipping over, and ambulances, so maybe I'll leave that for a while. I would love to go for a nap, but I am expecting an electrician to call to fix a broken storage heater and I don't know what time he'll call, if he calls at all today.
The weather is atrocious, we are being battered by gale-force winds and salty sea-winds have obliterated our view but I'm not complaining, I think they're having a rotten time in Australia at the moment, with a hurricane so soon after the awful floods. I think that once I get over the shocks of this week, I will feel a lot more grateful for my 'lot'!!   
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