Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm making a smallish effort towards Christmas, even though I'm really not interested. I just want it to pass as it is our first Christmas without Kev. Put up a few decorations for Luke's sake as he likes Christmas, but Cas, Mum and I aren't buying presents this year, though I will of course be giving the boys some money. Lawrence needs every penny towards his Canada trip (he's now waiting until Laura-gf-has saved some more to go and see her dad over there). I'm glad he won't be going alone like he did when he went to Australia. Luke will need money too as he and Kelly have a little boy on the May! They recently had a 4D scan done, but as I can't find the picture, here's an earlier ultrasound scan. He looks like he's sucking his thumb here. Can't believe I'm old enough to be a grandmother!!

Cas is off to Marrakesh on her next holiday and I said I'll go, but am now not sure that I fancy it because Malta is still beckoning. I think I'm ready to go back there...well I will be by the time I save up for it. It would be a bit like a pilgrimage...packed  with memories of the places we went, things we did and even what we said. It's all so clear still. But we had such a good time there that I think it would be worthwhile going again, even if it was poignant too,  because of those memories. 
We loved it there and I want to return soon.
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