Friday, 27 April 2012

I've been making a little book over the last three weeks or so. It's taken me that long to gesso all the pages (I used fairly cheap paper), to strengthen them. Today, I made a cover from bits of a small cardboard box. I cut them out and sewed back through the holes in the book and then through the cardboard.

 Then I painted them with some gouache paints I had, and dried it all off with my heat tool. I used two pictures I had in my stash (I'd made them last year), to decorate the covers and added a pink ribbon, tied round the book, inside and out to finish it off.

 I have never tried sewing the pages together before and I didn't do a fantastic job of it, but hey, who cares!? I like it and am looking forward to working in it.

Oops! Just realised that I've stuck the back cover on upside down!! Oh well, it adds to it's uniqueness!

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