Monday, 23 July 2012

We've had a day of sunshine! Can't tell you how much better this has made me feel, it works better than any drugs could ever do! Talking of drugs, I have now been on Cymbalta (Duloxifen) for 11 days. I hadn't noticed any change or improvement, but now I think of it, I do feel calmer. That's all so far though, we'll see what happens. Of course, the one side effect that I dreaded happening is the one that I have had, and that's insomnia. I'm unbearable if I haven't had enough sleep, so I'm praying that this will improve soon.

I have been suffering with a stinker of a throat infection and cold and have been kept awake nights also (see above) with constant coughing. So I took the plunge the other day and bought an electronic cigarette! I'd heard about them from a neighbour, who has had hers for three weeks and not smoked a real cigarette since! So I'm giving it a good go and maybe I'll be able to rid myself of tobacco permanently, which can't be a bad thing. I have smoked for very many years, but have lately become annoyed by the fact that I have to make sure I've got my tin and lighter with me everywhere I go, and roll cigs before I can go out and also that I have to smoke in the street like a prostitute (my 84 year-old mother's words!!). I think it's partly to do with the fact that I have to make sure I've got so many other things with me before I go out, like glasses and hearing-aid, that the cigs have become an annoyance. Goodness knows, all I know is that I'm trying to get shot of them.....we'll see.

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