Friday, 27 July 2012

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and then some of the weird little characters I've been painting in one of my art journals this week...
I have now been taking the Duloxetine for two weeks. I can't explain whether I think I am better or not. It's strange, but I can't decide. The one thing that stands out is the havoc it's been playing with my sleep patterns. I am now awake from about 5.30am and can't get back to sleep. I usually get up and make a cuppa, then manage to fall asleep for a few more hours. I feel lousy when I wake up and take ages to get going. Then, by about 3pm, I'm so sleepy that I have to go for a nap which lasts a few hours, after which I feel 'drugged' and unable to function for quite a while. If things don't improve at the end of next week, I'll have to get in touch with the doc and sort something else out.
I am also suffering from a chest infection which is not conducive to sleep as I have a tickly cough, so am unable to lie supine, but have to prop myself up on two pillows. I'm now on the third lot of antibiotics in as many weeks (the first two for the dreaded underarm abscess) and now some penicillin for the chest infection. I'm quite annoyed that I'm actually ill, as being a hypochondriac and imagining all sorts of illnesses rather than actually suffering with them suits me much better!
Please can I be relatively healthy next week? Thank you.

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