Tuesday, 23 October 2012

I like that. There's hope yet then, even for damaged goods such as myself.

Last week, (up to Saturday night) I was in a very bad state. I thought that I was at the lowest point that I could get to, I felt so bad. I cried so much that I had completely worn myself out by Sunday afternoon; I was so tired that I couldn't keep my eyes open. So I had a good sleep and felt better afterwards. I slept well on Sunday night too and felt calmer by Monday.
Today, I had my second stint, helping out at Barnardo's for a couple of hours and though I really didn't want to go, I'm glad I did. I was busy and it kept my mind occupied. I came home at lunchtime and then back out in the afternoon for my weekly meeting with the Shaw Trust. That went well and I was able to report to K that I had passed the exam (last Thursday) for the first module in the ECDL that I started recently.
 K has been so nice to me, so supportive and very helpful. I can recommend the Shaw Trust to anyone, they're a brilliant organisation. They do their level best to get you on the road to finding a job that you can sustain (they even stay in contact after you get a job, to support you). Their help is practical and sensible, it's not one of those worthless government schemes that pop up every now and again, they really do help. And even if you don't manage to secure a job while you are a client of theirs, you have all the necessary skills in place to aid your search and to carry on. So thank you Shaw Trust and especially K.

Just had a message from number one son, living out in Canada for a while, with his gf. They're in Vancouver now and he's got a job already. I'm very proud of both my sons, they've both done wonderful things and I love them very much. L will be skyping me on Saturday, so that's something to look forward to.

I managed to do a portrait a few days ago, but decided I didn't like it, so still no art to show, though I will be able to put the pics of my art doll on here as soon as my swap partner tells me that it has arrived in Canada with her.
 Can't wait to receive her doll.

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