Saturday, 15 February 2014

Being Positive

Week six of Life Book 2014 was a lesson by Tamara Laporte Celebrating Positive Qualities. This is being reinforced with all the lessons so far and it is actually making me think, really think, I mean, about my own qualities and to start believing in them for a change.

I drew an 'elf girl', using lots of spray inks and some acrylics. This was a lot of fun, if a little messy. Now the carpet has a blue tinge, just where I was sitting and so does my art desk!
The next lesson was from Jane Davenport and it involved making pop-ups, which is something I have never done before. I didn't feel like having a go and thought I might skip this lesson, but then I suddenly had a brainwave for my subjects....
I ended up with four pop-ups representing positivity. The top one is for people I meet, mainly at work - people having chemotherapy. I don't know how many of them manage to smile through their treatment, but they do and they are pretty amazing. The next one represents art itself, in all it's forms - my take on Johannes Vermeer's Milkmaid. The next is my grandson, the light of my life, he brings such laughter into my life, something I had thought was gone forever; and my husband Kevin, who I miss so very much. And the bottom pop-up represents art journaling, which is so important to me as a place where I can record my feelings and emotions, which helps me to heal. My positive qualities are listed on the front page; I didn't realise that I had so many, but when I started, I couldn't stop! Maybe I'm not such a bad person after all. Thank you Jane Davenport for this lesson, it was cathartic.



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