Sunday, 2 February 2014

Storm # 2 and Insomnia.

Sitting here, listening to the buffeting winds outside. Our little town is yet again suffering with these extremes of weather that we get nowadays. The promenade has been closed off to the public and the locals and students asked to evacuate their houses. The prom, which has been partly fixed after the last storm, has taken another bashing by the waves and further damage has been done, though I don't think it's anywhere near as bad as last time.

Photos from I hope they won't mind me 'borrowing' them!
I hope that's the last of this bad weather now. I keep remembering the sun last year, it seems totally foreign right now!
Just finished Week 5 of Life Book 2014. This week's lesson was by Marieke Blokland. Here's a link to her blog. The brief was to draw/paint a whimsical face (title was sugar, sugar) but I just couldn't get on with this, so I did something in my own style.
I spent half the day shampooing the carpets and the other half relaxing, watching films. I didn't get enough sleep last night (well, none really). I did drop off at about 6.30am, but was woken at 8.30am by a phone call (thank you, dear son # 2). This insomnia is really affecting me now and I am becoming very irritable and I can't think straight. I am going to get something from the chemist tomorrow, to tide me over until I can get to see the doc. I've taken herbal remedies before, but they are rarely strong enough to give me a good night's sleep. I can't shut my brain down, always, always going over Kevin's death. And now I also suffer with restless/tingly legs too, so I haven't got a hope really!!

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