Saturday, 22 March 2014

I've been busy making art every week with Life Book 2014. Some of the lessons have tested me as they were out of my comfort zone, but I've persevered and had a go. The results may have been a little disappointing at times, but I resolved not to alter what I'd made, even though I often felt like covering the piece with gesso and starting again. Maybe it's good to see your failures as well as your successes, so that you can see where you have gone wrong. It's sometimes hard to try a new style when you are stuck in your ways, but it's all about growing, developing, so it's good in the end!
I had decided to use this large journal for Life Book and now understand why that may not have been a brilliant idea (!). The page edges are perforated and they are beginning to come away from the book with the weight of the gesso, acrylics, etc. Though it doesn't really matter, because I could remove them and bind them at the end of the year anyway. I may have to reinforce the back of every page with tape for now just to support them as I carry on.
I'm enjoying making art every week and have also started a new journal to practice some of the techniques I'm learning. This is the book I'm using for that (below).

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