Sunday, 11 May 2014

After promising myself that I would write/post something every week, what happened? I have let it slide again. But to be fair, life has been hectic for a while and I have been busy with other things. Unfortunately, one of those things was being ill.

I developed an excruciating lower abdominal pain and had to take some time off work. The doc thought it might be a bladder/kidney infection and treated it accordingly with antibiotics. I was already drinking gallons of water because I've suffered a kidney infection before, years ago, when I had an IVP done and they found a 'kink' in my right tube (kidney).
But this time, it took a week to improve after two more visits to the docs and two more courses of different antibiotics. The third time I went, the doc thought it might be Diverticulitis and she gave me some printed info to read. It does seem possible that that's what it is, though it can't be confirmed without doing a colonoscopy, which I will do my level best to avoid!

So, following the advice I received (and looking it up on line), I changed my diet. I'm kind of chuffed with myself for doing that as I have had a lousy diet for many, many years, and am overweight, but I switched over to a high fibre diet straight away and I'm now eating pretty healthily, cooking up some good food and drinking a lot more than I used to also. And things have improved. I have the odd twinge of pain now, but it's nothing compared to what I suffered two weeks ago. I hope and pray that that never returns!

We're on week 19 with Life Book 2014 and I've had to catch up a bit after being ill. Lost some of my enthusiasm for it too, with everything that's been going on in my life, but I am learning some new techniques from the different artists involved and having a go at them in my .spare time.
This one is after the lesson by Tascha Parkinson and it's very 'cute' and not really my style, but I like it and I enjoyed the lesson. You've got to try new things you see, or you will never grow.
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