Tuesday, 27 May 2014

The latest page in my Life Book 2014. We are on Week 21 here, which was last week. I had a bit of catching up to do as I haven't been very well recently.

On Friday, whilst in work, I developed a really sore throat. By the evening, I was in agony. I had to get dressed and ask my sister (by sign-language and grunting) to take me up to the local AAU. We were put at the front of the queue, because I was in a lot of pain and making my presence felt. Well, I couldn't help it, it was very, very painful. Finally saw a doctor, who called in two more docs to look at my throat and they decided to send me to the ENT department in Glangwili Hospital, which is almost 50 miles away, so it takes around an hour and twenty minutes by road (probably less for us, as it was in the early hours when the roads were quieter). I was gobsmacked! They also said they'd be doing it with the blue flashing lights going, because they were worried that my throat was going to close up.

It actually all seemed rather surreal to me and I did think that they were making quite a fuss over a sore throat, even though I had been making enough noise about it myself, being in such a lot of pain! Anyway, two ambulance men appeared and I was duly whisked off to Carmarthen. By then, I was exhausted from all the pain and goings-on, and the examinations on arrival in Carmarthen were all a bit of a blur. I remember being told that the left side of my throat was very swollen and inflamed and I heard the three doctors discussing a course of treatment. Anyway, I eventually got to bed and was started on painkillers and a saline drip because I hadn't eaten all day and wasn't likely to eat or drink, being unable to swallow.

I stayed in Glangwili until Sunday afternoon, on a mixture of  antibiotics, painkillers, a saline drip, antiseptic gargle and ear drops and eventually started to feel a bit better and was able to start eating and drinking. My sister and youngest wonderful son and gf,  came down on Saturday, with jammies and washing stuff, etc. They brought my two year old grandson, who was bored until he found the control for the bed and then proceeded to tip me back and forward with great delight and lots of laughter, which obviously cheered me up no end (just like he always does). Then my eldest wonderful son and gf came down to bring me home on Sunday.

I am now taking 4000mg (yes, four thousand) of Penicillin per day, to wipe this out. It is still a bit sore, but has improved and I hope it will continue to do so, 'cos I hope to go back to work tomorrow, I hate being off sick!

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